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Detailing Services


We have an array of detailing services that will suit your car,

and what you want to acheive! 

*Please see below for pricing on specific packages!

Exterior Packages

Packages designed to ensure the exterior of your car is meticulously prepared to ensure the best possible results.

Call today for pricing on all packages!



We’ve got packages to suit every customer's needs. See below for a detailed list of services

Interior Detailing

A variety of services allowing for the complete purification of your interior.


Get your car back to the quality it was at when you bought it and stay that flawless all year round.


Paint Correction & Enhancement

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle through paint enhancement & corrective services.

Remove all paint defects, and get your paintwork looking better than new! 

All exterior paint on vehicles are different! Please call for information and pricing on your vehicle 

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Our Promise

We have a solution for every surface, even your interior. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you are looking to protect your leather seats from harsh UV rays, or completely transform your dull, worn interior. We can help you achieve that. We are equipped with all the latest cleaning machinery and up to date with the modern and classical interior differences. We have a huge range of protective and maintenance solutions to help you keep your interior in its best possible state. 


Vehicle detailing is our chance to show you how we can return your car back to new! Our detail technicians will make your car gleam through our multiple intensive cleaning processes. The following packages are available to help you achieve what you are looking for in your car. Our services include both interior and exterior options. Call for pricing on all packages today!

  • Hand Wash all exterior 

  • Windows

  • Degrease & Shine engine bay

  • Detailed vacuum for entire car

  • Intensive Interior clean from rubber door seals to air vents

  • Spray wax / compound wax with buffer  for entire car

  • Steam clean all mats, carpet, and seats (fabric)

  • Pre-treatment of all stains 

  • Undercarriage of vehicle

  • Oder Machine to fight permeating smells

  • Clean and condition all leather


* Aditional Charge for Dog Hair and Excessive staining 


V.I.P Detail Small Sized Vehicle (2 Door or 4 Door sedan)

V.I.P Detail Medium Sized Vehicle ( Cross over Small SUV

V.I.P Detail Large & XL Sized Vehicle

Any Pet hair removal will have an additional

$25-100 Charges varies on severity

*Please contact us for more information regarding Details as well as pricing for specific Interior or exterior details
  • Full Vacuum mats, floor and seats

  • Wipe Down of all panels of Interior

  • Stain Removal

  • Shampooing / Steaming carpets as needed

  • Clean and condition of any leather 

  • Partial Odor Freshener

  • Add on options include:

    • Smoke smell removal ​

    • Carpet Dye

    • Degrease/ Shine Engine Bay

    • Degrease/ Shine Tires and Wheel Walls

    * Additional Charge for Dog Hair and excessive staining 

Price will vary depending on size of car. 

  • Hand Wash entire vehicle

  • Hand Dry entire vehicle

  • Windows

  • Full clay bar of exterior

  • Light Correction Glaze

  • Add on options include:

    • Paint Correction 

    • Degrease/ Shine Engine Bay

    • Degrease/ Shine Tires and Wheel Walls

    • Window Sealant 

Price will vary depending on size of car. 

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